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An Even Place Abortion Recovery Ministry

Winchester, TN

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The mission of An Even Place is to reach those broken by abortion and to lead them to a place of healing where their hearts can rest in an even place. Since 1973, there have been 63 million abortions in the United States. That number represents babies lost, it does not represent the 126 million moms and dads affected by abortion. With millions struggling from a past abortion, we aim to reach them with a message of forgiveness and freedom. under pier 2 jpg I, Mindy Lefaucheur, the founder of An Even Place, have my own story of abortion. Three of my children are gone because I decided that my life would be better off without them. In my early twenties I was living a hard lifestyle. I was young, ignorant, and too fearful to bring those babies into the world. Those three abortion decisions spiraled me downward into drinking and other illicit activities. I was convinced I deserved the hardships of life; in my mind I was unlovable and worthless because of what I had done to my children. Then I met Jesus. In the beginning my walk was on shaky ground. There were many battles to overcome in my mind. Shortly after giving my life to Christ, I learned about a Forgiven and Set Free bible study that focused on abortion healing. From that study group I learned to apply truth to my life, I gained a deeper understanding of God’s mercy, and I learned to love reading my bible. That study sent me on a journey of healing and growing in my personal life. For the past seven years my journey has been to lead other women in Forgiven and Set Free groups. Talking with women about their abortion experiences and walking with them to the path of freedom has been one of my greatest joys. An Even Place offers three types of group settings: virtual, in-person, and retreats. The virtual and in-person groups run 9 weeks, while the retreat is 3 consecutive days. The importance of these groups is to allow women to freely discuss their experiences in a safe and confidential environment. They learn about various topics as that relate to their abortions. Topics studied and discussed are: the character God, forgiveness, anger, depression, their baby, and more. The study implements object lessons to help them discover more information regarding their experience and to reinforce what they are learning in the bible study. Statistically women attempt to cover or ignore their abortion experience for 5-12 years after the abortion took place. Usually, the birth of a child or some other trigger brings the pain or the memories to the surface. Often memories get blocked, events become unclear, and details get lost. The object lessons give the participants tools to help remember some of what is lost. Even when the memories are cloudy, our bodies still react to the trauma of abortion and our choice to end the life of our baby. These memories are manifested in abusing alcohol or drugs, perfectionism, inability to bond with subsequent children, anger, depression, eating disorders, and many other issues. Nearly all who have abortion in their past are suffering silently. When was the last time you heard someone ask for prayer because they were struggling with an abortion in their past? One in four women have had an abortion before the age of 40. That statistic is true in the church as well as outside the church. What if we could reach those suffering silently in our congregations with a past abortion wound? What if we could give them courage to take that first step toward healing? I believe it would change the landscape of the church. I believe healing from abortion will strengthen the church and create a vibrancy and an authenticity that we lack in the body of Christ. Further, those who are silent now will gain their voice. A powerful voice declaring the truth about abortion, making abortion unthinkable for the next generation, and raising leaders to multiply healing groups around the nation and the world. An Even Place group setting offers hope that transforms. Forgiveness from God, forgiveness towards others, and freedom from shame help women move upward and onward with clarity and confidence in their walk with Christ.

Our Programs & Who We Serve

An Even Place is an abortion recovery ministry.  Using a bible study titled Forgiven and Set Free, authored by Linda Cochrance, we conduct: 9-week virtual groups, in-person groups, and 3-day retreats.

The bible study is rich with scriptures teaching about the character of God, forgiveness, anger, and more. By the end of 9 weeks participants know God more intimately, are connected with their child, and experience a new level of freedom in their walk with Christ.
All bible studies are free to the participant, except for the purchase of the book.

Pray with us

  • God to move in His people's hearts to take steps toward healing from a past abortion experience
  • Courage for participants to allow this secret into the light and healing of God's word
  • Strength to finish the group they signed up for
  • Facilitator's to have God's wisdom, knowledge and understanding in moving participants through the bible study
  • Funding for the ministry

An Even Place

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