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Covenant Heart Int’l missions

Lusaka, Zambia

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Covenant Heart International Missions – Zambia is a Christian Faith based Charity that was established in the year 2018 under the statutory laws of Zambia. With a primary objective of empowering vulnerable communities and people in Zambia to live out there God innate potentials through the provision of Education, Health, Discipleship, Family Life and Community Empowerment initiatives. Covenant Heart International Missions is a Partner Charity or organization of Christian Alliance Ministry and Stronger Together Ministries which are based in the USA.

CHIM is established to fulfill God’s plan and purpose of transforming lives through spreading the word and love in charity. We formidably work within Zambian communities with credible partners around the World, thereby Building Hope Together (Nehemiah 2:17-18).


To have Christian ingenious, transformed and self sustaining communities in spirituality, intellectuality, Family and Community well being for multigenerational impact of lives.


We solely exist to support and promote acumen discipleship, education, health, family life and community development initiatives in the vulnerable communities as we drive multigenerational transformation through unified Christian charity.


We place our operational beliefs on our Lord Jesus Christ and His good will message for the vulnerable has we reach out to the rescue of Humanity.


Your generous involvement helps to provide care, discipleship, economical empowerment, healthy meals and education to those in need within our local community. Additionally, your gift to the ministry provides a pathway of transformation to those living in a need. 

Our Programs & Who We Serve

CHIM serves a community of 10,000 vulnerable people in Wasala community, Lusaka in Zambia, we objectively focus on helping needy children and their families to live out their god given potentials.

Hence, if you choose to help support the hopeless, you are divinely modeling and transforming the lives. Additionally, you are creating a life long impact. Taking up a role to  care and support the needy directly sets us to be a vessel or instrument of love and hope. It is this love in Christ that surpasses human understanding. Your involvement is immeasurable as love for those in need can never be weighed, as it is priceless. Your generous support brightens and transforms lives one at a time.

Support Covenant Heart Int’l missions?

Mail your donation

To mail your donation, please make your check payable to Christian Ministry Alliance, with a notation for Fund #3081, and mail to: P.O. Box 7735, Goodyear, AZ 85338.

Donor Advised Funds or Private Charity

If you are giving from a Donor Advised Fund or Private Charity: Follow these steps:

1. Find "Christian Ministry Alliance" in your grant portal. (Goodyear, AZ|EIN: 46-3408177)
2. In your grant portal, designate the gift by including the name of the associate or FSO.

Non-Cash Giving

By donating assets such as stocks, real estate, and business interests before the sale, you can reduce taxes and create longevity in your giving.

To learn more about how to give non-liquid assets like stocks or real estate, email us at [email protected]

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