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Christian Outreach Justice Mission

Freetown, Sierra Leone

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Christian Outreach Justice Mission Sierra Leone otherwise referred to as Comin-SL envisions a society where all the people, everywhere receive fair treatment, equal opportunities to realize their full potentials. The mission is to work with communities to improve their socio-economic conditions.

Comin-SL exists to provide educational and healthcare support to vulnerable people, deprived communities and under-resourced institutions in communities served in Sierra Leone. To this end, it constructs new and rehabilitate existing schools, help provide furniture, teaching and learning materials, child sponsorship, help provide materials, equipment and other related health requirement to capacitate the facilities for efficient service.

Comin-SL helps support water and sanitation projects, technical skills training for the empowerment of women and youth, agricultural support for food security, human right education to change the mindset and behavioral change of people, projects on environmental protection, gender-based violence advocacy, advocacy for girl child education and education for all, fighting against sexual exploitation of women and girls and all forms of abuse. Sport for social change and peace campaign for national cohesion. Importantly, it evangelizes through outreach programs, camping and seminars for holistic development. Additionally, Comin-SL supports general community development through sporting events for young people.

Since its inception, Comin-SL has received national and international support from individuals and funding agencies abroad to work with communities in Freetown, South, North and Eastern Sierra Leone in education, health, agriculture, technical skills training for youth and women empowerment, water and sanitation promotion and support to sporting events for young people to name but few.

Christian Outreach Justice Mission

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To mail your donation, please make your check payable to Christian Ministry Alliance, with a notation for Fund #3160, and mail to: P.O. Box 7735, Goodyear, AZ 85338.

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If you are giving from a Donor Advised Fund or Private Charity: Follow these steps:

1. Find "Christian Ministry Alliance" in your grant portal. (Goodyear, AZ|EIN: 46-3408177)
2. In your grant portal, designate the gift by including the name of the associate or FSO.

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By donating assets such as stocks, real estate, and business interests before the sale, you can reduce taxes and create longevity in your giving.

To learn more about how to give non-liquid assets like stocks or real estate, email us at [email protected]