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At E4P Ministry Our purpose is to Encourage His People according to His Plan by His Power for His Purposes. We seek to be more like the Church Christ intends us to be and want to encourage others to do the same. We seek to make disciples and love people as best as we can. It is our hope that we will love and practically serve non-christians while we proclaim Christ to them with the hope they will believe in Him. Currently we are serving in the following ways:

School Project

Imagine if you had to move to another country so you could make enough money for your family to live and you had to work 12 hours a day and six or seven days a week in a very labor intensive job. This is the story for many of the Myanmar workers in the area. Many of their children cannot go to school in Thailand even if they are here legally because they are too far behind and cannot keep up. There are no programs for them like in American schools; they just get left far behind. They are also not treated very well by the children in the school if they are able to go. So, they spend much of their day playing and trying to stay out of trouble. Their future is probably going to be like their parents. Hard work and low pay. How would you feel if that was the situation for your children? God has allowed us to connect with a local Myanmar community and to start a small school. For us, this is the best way to gain trust and interaction with them so we can share the Gospel. We will use a Christian curriculum to instruct them and seek to engage the parents as well. We have found a Myanmar Christian teacher who wants to work with us and we are trying to get her here and with a legal status.

ESL (English as a Second Language) Ministry

We are teaching adults english two times a week. God has allowed us to connect with these young adults and we continue to share the gospel with them as our relationship grows. We have found that this is a wonderful way to connect with people around the word of God. It is also a skill many people have in the west. You do not have to be a professional teacher to teach English as a second language. Most people can do it.

Myanmar Refugee Support

We have made direct connections with people on both sides of the Thai/Myanmar border to ensure that any of the funds we use to support them will be used in the best way possible. Supporting the Myanmar people is very fluid because of the violence of the Burmese military. Currently we are supporting an Evangelical teacher in Myanmar who is living in a refugee camp who is also working to connect us with other faithful Christians. We are also involved with several churches and ministries that we are praying with on how to best work together. Our desire is to continue to provide food and medical supplies to the refugees with the longer term plan of planting a church in the area that will train workers to go into difficult places to teach and share the gospel. Pray that God will connect us with the right people.   It is our strong conviction that God has ordained the church as the training ground for His people and we want to encourage others to see the power of His Church to train His people. We see the local church as the primary training and sending mechanism for the advancement of the gospel. We believe that churches are to plant other churches and we are to multiply that way. We also believe that there are very few evangelical Christians in Asia, and particularly the 10/40 window. We want to help Christians in the west realize the need for the gospel in the east and encourage them to be active in evangelizing the unreached. There are very good ministries that already do this, and we praise God for them. What we desire to do differently is to mobilize the average person who believes that they can’t become a “missionary”. We believe that all Christians have a special calling and need to follow after God with all of their heart, soul, and mind. God has and will continue to use common people to accomplish His will.

Our Programs & Who We Serve

We minister to the people in our area as God leads us and while doing so, we want to be able to show others how they can personally make an impact for the cause of Christ in a place where the gospel is not. We want local churches and individuals to feel empowered to do their absolute best for God’s glory. We want every redeemed person to understand that God saved them to make His name great to their fullest ability. This can look like a lot of different things, but one thing we believe should certainly be more common is that many more Christians in the most evangelized part of the world should be going to the least evangelized areas. The sad part is, that this is extremely uncommon. We want to help mobilize followers of Christ to serve in the east. We want to do this by:

  1. Sound Biblical teaching that helps to free Christians to serve God to their fullest ability. This is the heart of what we want to do. No plans or help we have will ever compete with a follower of Christ faithfully pursuing what God teaches in His Word. But, we still want to help practically.
  2. To provide resources and practical suggestions to help with relocation.
  3. Networking with others who are interested in reaching the lost. In our experience, it is very hard to find believers who are willing to lay down their western lifestyle in a christian culture to go to an area that does not have a gospel witness. We think it is best to go in teams of people who know each other and have served together. We believe God’s people in a local gathering is the way God intends to send His people.
  4. Providing guidance on how to use skills you currently have to be able to connect with non-Christian populations in the 10/40 window.
  5. To invite people to join us and giving them a place to learn and minister with other brothers and sisters in Christ in an area that is almost completely unreached. We want to do this by studying the Word in an interactive way that is lived out practically day by day with the intent of sending people to other unreached areas.


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