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Tri-Cities, IL

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Learn More About Us

FLOW is a membership-based digital platform that serves as a ministry hub for individuals, groups and communities to sync projects, research and events in order to network, build and unify the Kingdom. It’s a way for cities to get spiritually organized by using strategic prayer to dismantle the ways that the enemy has tried to divide, distract, deceive and destroy the very communities in which we live. Let’s invite the Spirit to F-L-O-W….

F– Find other believers (network)

  • COLLECT: database and reports built real-time through information submitted in the member profiles
  • CONNECT: communication feature that enables members to connect strategically while protecting privacy
  • COLLAB: software designed to help promote purpose and track progress of community ministry and prayer projects

L– Learn community history (research)

  • PAST- creating a digital timeline to show the historical events and significant locations as it relates to the local 7 areas of influence
  • PRESENT- analyzing community strongholds and trends (violence, death, pain) through visual aids (graphs, charts, maps)
  • FUTURE- collecting prophetic words released about the community to better understand God’s heart, redemptive gifts and design for the area

O– Organize strategic prayer (intercede)

  • ON-POINT- location-specific focuses based on research results
  • ON-DEMAND- real-time requests (both in person and online) for prayer and crisis support
  • ON-GOING- apps and maps to ensure that every house, street and building gets covered in prayer
W– Worship as one (unify)
  • SONG: cross-promoting upcoming worship events and ability to request local worship teams 
  • SERVICE: meeting the needs of the community through direct matching and grant requests
  • SHARE: maximizing impact through tax-deductible donations, social media, and merchandise sales

Our Programs & Who We Serve

FLOW will be available to any community that’s looking to move forward as one in Him. What it is….

  • An invitation to partner with the Holy Spirit to intercede on behalf of our cities 
  • An opportunity for us to prepare for an increase of hope, healing and revival

What it is not….

  • Derived from, or for, any one church
  • A time to “retake the spiritual bait” as we step out in unity

Pray with us

Please pray that the site development goes smooth, that all the necessary funds are raised, and that He continues to knit us together to pursue His plans for our cities. 


Our Organization

special project

FLOW: Digital Platform Prototype

The next step is to fundraise for the digital platform, branding campaign and lawyer fees. We have identified marketing, web development and legal teams who will help us create these custom tools, templates and trademarks. The homepage will feature a "sizzle video" that will give a preview of the site and explain the membership benefits in a precise, professional way. The website will be initially designed for the Tri-Cities in order to serve as the platform prototype. The plan is for the Tri-Cities to test and update the site functionalities in 2021 before offering the platform to other communities starting in 2022.  NOTE: The fundraising numbers are updated weekly, not real-time.

out of $25000 needed

Support FLOW?

Mail your donation

To mail your donation, please make your check payable to Christian Ministry Alliance, with a notation for Fund #3075, and mail to: P.O. Box 7735, Goodyear, AZ 85338.

Donor Advised Funds or Private Charity

If you are giving from a Donor Advised Fund or Private Charity: Follow these steps:

1. Find "Christian Ministry Alliance" in your grant portal. (Goodyear, AZ|EIN: 46-3408177)
2. In your grant portal, designate the gift by including the name of the associate or FSO.

Non-Cash Giving

By donating assets such as stocks, real estate, and business interests before the sale, you can reduce taxes and create longevity in your giving.

To learn more about how to give non-liquid assets like stocks or real estate, email us at

Here's what we do in action.