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Mukono District, Uganda

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Uganda’s people have endured much suffering in recent years. From 1988 to 2006, the Lord’s Resistance Army terrorized northern Uganda. The LRA would kidnap children and force boys to become child fighters and girls into sexual slavery. Children hid in the bush each night to escape abduction. Attending school was impossible. By war’s end, countless families and communities were destroyed, leaving many with nowhere to go.

Rev. Dr. Milly Erema witnessed these realities herself. Four of her brothers were murdered in the conflict, leaving her responsible to raise and educate their twenty-two children.

In 2008 Milly and her family founded Kingsway Christian High School to give a Christ-centered education to her family and other orphans and youth who had endured the horrors of war. Many of Kingsway’s first students were rescued from the conflict by Milly and her husband Sam, who often risked their lives in the process.

Without schooling, the fate of orphans in Uganda is bleak. Milly writes, “We see many youth being taken up by alcoholism, drugs, promiscuity, and gangs. They are hunted by the police, harshly beaten, sometimes to death; others put in child detention centers with terrible conditions. Those that remain on the streets are treated like half human beings!”

Unstoppable With Christ

When you see the enthusiastic smiles and energy of the kids at Kingsway, you’d never guess what some came out of. Some were conceived by rape. Others have lost parents to AIDS. To Milly, they are all simply her “children” and Kingsway is their family.

“Unstoppable with Christ” is the school’s motto, reflecting Milly’s earnest faith and awe for Christ who has accomplished miracles in the lives of her students. Many go on to university and good jobs, a fate unthinkable for impoverished children otherwise.

Current Needs

Kingsway was serving forty to fifty students each term before COVID forced schools to close for almost two years. They were able to reopen in January 2022, but with far fewer students. Since then, inflation and drought have been causing prices to spiral out of reach. An additional $2000 per term is needed to pay teachers and buy food and classroom materials.

If that were not enough, the government also declared that Kingsway must build a girls’ dormitory in order to meet current boarding school standards. Currently, girls rearrange a classroom each night so that they can sleep on mattresses on the floor.

As of the end of 2023, the first floor is mostly finished but they currently need approximately $30,000 to finish the dorm.

Kingsway currently has a long list of needy applicants who they must turn away, even though they have classroom space. They simply don’t have money to take them on, to Milly’s great dismay. With additional support, Kingsway could transform many more lives.

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