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Theology and Sustainable Community Development,  also referred to as an Integral mission, holistic development, Holistic transformational or holistic mission is a dynamic, multifaceted approach to evangelism and development. In the Christian context, the integral mission is used to describe the church’s mission to meet people’s needs in a

multidimensional way. The integral mission proposes that man is a whole person with holistic needs and meeting either need without taking care of needs in other spheres does not cater for the whole person.

The purpose of holistic training is to inculcate God’s values through the witness of the love and the justice aimed at transforming human life in a multi-dimensional way at both individual and community levels. For Holistic Training to be authentic and credible and to fulfill its original character, it has to be multidimensional.

The practice of holistic training goes back to the first century of Jesus Christ but it came to be acknowledged and mainstreamed about twenty years ago. The holistic transformation is the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel, resultant in social consequences.

The holistic mission involves joining with people with whom one seeks to serve, visioning, team building, empowerment, and the development of various programs and interventions as part of social concern, community development, building the community of faith, and the work of structural transformation.

Disconnected development occurs when the concerns and needs of community residents are compartmentalized and “treated” without regard to other aspects of their lives. Holistic training is embedded in Micah’s challenge (call) as fronted by evangelicals, whose main mandate is to promote justice, be kind and passionately walk with the poor to attain holistic transformation. Micah’s Challenge is a global Christian campaign to end extreme poverty, with its proponents being inspired by scripture, guided by the Holy Spirit, and through prayer, they advocate for a more just world.

Program Modules

The program adopts a modular format and it has three modules namely; Module I, Module II and Module III

Each module has five to six units. A module has module part 1 and part 2, A module is considered:

  • A one-week Part 1 module class interactions, beginning Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 5 pm daily
  • A two to three months’ field assignments to be submitted during part 2 of the module
  • A one-week Part 2 of the module which is done at the end of the two to three months field assignments

A learner has to complete each step of the module before moving to the next. That means each Module has Module Part 1 of one-week class interactions, two to three months’ field assignments, and Module Part 2 of one week to complete. The program enrolment is done all year round depending on the learners’ agreed availability.

Each sub-unit has suggested teachings/learning resources and provides notes to help the facilitators deliver the lesson appropriately. Evaluation and assessment methods have also been included to help the learners acquire the competencies intended. Although these suggestions have been made, the room is left for the facilitators to dynamically come up with the best approaches depending on their context and environment.

The program is concerned with the analysis of belief systems and the application of biblical truths in a manner that shall bring glory to God.  The teaching takes the flipped classroom approach that moves away from the traditional approach of lecture. This is so in a deliberate belief that discovery is key to the effective acquisition of knowledge.

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